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We are transparent when it comes to our actions and their legal framework. The responsible party of the data processing is la SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN.
SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN has nominated a responsible who you can contact at:
Personal datas are collected through the contact form you can complete available on
Datas are sent to SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN.
Collected datas aim to answer and discuss about ont pour but de répondre et d’échanger on the GDPR appliance. They will be used for promotional offers, regarding the company SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN. Datas are collected in strict accordance with the article 6, paragraph 1, section a of the Règlement Général à la Protection des Données RGPD (GDPR). The owner of the datas allows them to be collected and processed by a responsible of the data processing.
Personal data collection is not compulsory regarding the access of the website. Nevertheless it is compulsory when the user wants to receive offers and information SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN. Without it, the company will not have the possibility to send offers and information.
Collected information/data are not linked by any contract. Those information are kept for a period of time of 3 years maximum since the last contact initiated by the user.
The user has rights regarding the data protection.

Rectification right
The right to ask SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN to modify the wrong information in its data base.

Erasure right
The right to ask SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN to erase your information in its data base.

Right to object and the right to annul the consent
You do not want to appear anymore on the data base, you can ask us anytime.

Access right
You have the right to obtain and verify the datas concerning yourself.

The right to restrict processing
You can ask to suspend the processing of your datas for a verification (example: for the right to object, SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN has to verify if legal reason can justify the continuing of the data processing.).

The right to data portability
You can have the right for your personal data, to send them in a commonly used format, to ourselves or to another data processing responsible, when it is technically possible.
The right to erasure when linked with death
The right after the death regarding the data. Without any directive, after a certain time of no activity on our website, SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN will delete the data. Nevertheless, the inheritors can have the rights on those data.

The right to claim to CNIL
You can claim to CNIL when you consider that your personal data processing is a violation of law. Whether you wish to have more information about your rights, please contact Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés:


Our website uses hyperlinks, with the authorisation of SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN. Nevertheless, SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN does not have the possibility to verify their contents, and the company will not take any responsibility for this.
Our website uses cookies. Browsing our website can install cookies on your device. A cookie is a tiny file, which does not allow to identify the user, but it registers your browsing information. Data obtained this way aim to make your future visit on our website easier, as well as to measure the visitors number.
By refusing to install cookies can lead to the impossibility to acces to some pages, contents… The user can set the device as follow to not allow the cookies:

  • With Internet Explorer: Tool / Internet option. Confidentiality and chose Block for all the cookies. Click on Ok.
  • With Firefox: Up to your browser window, click on Firefox, then go to Options. Click on Privacy. Configure the rules: Use the personal settings in History. Untick it to desactivate cookies.
  • With Safari: Up right to your browser, click on the menu. Select Parameters. Click on show advanced parameters. In the « confidential » section, click on Content parameters. In the Cookies section, you can block cookies.
  • With Chrome: Up right to your browser, click on the menu. Select Parameters. Click on show advanced parameters. In the « confidential » section, click on Preferences. In the « confidential » section, you can block the cookies.

Any litigation related to the use of this website is under the French law. The jurisdiction remit is automatically given to the Paris courts.

Law n° 78-17 on January 6th 1978 for the information, the files and the freedoms, in its latest update on May 16th 2019.
Law n° 2004-575 on June 21st 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy.
Law nᵒ 2016/679, aka règlement général on the GDPR.


  • User: Person who connects and use
  • Personal data: All the information linked to an identified or identifiable natural person (article 4. 1. Law n°2016/679).
  • Responsible of the data processing : Natural or legal person, the authorities, a service or another organism which, alone or together with third parties, determine the aims and the ways of treatments of the data. (article 4. 7. Law n°2016/679).