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Considering the article 6 of the n° 2004-575 law dated June 21st 2014, users of www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com are precised the identities of the different actors in its realisation and daily update:

Content editor

Legal status: SCE
Address: Château Petit Faurie de Soutard, Lieu-dit Petit Faurie, 33 330 SAINT-EMILION
Share capital: 15 836 800 euros
Contact: contact@soutard.com – +33 (0)5 57 24 71 41
Registered at RCS LIBOURNE SIREN number: 316 157 734
VAT number: FR 36 316 157 734


RCS Roubaix – Tourcoing 424 761 419 00011
2 rue Kellerman
59100 Roubaix – France


The use of www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com implies full acceptance of the general conditions of use described below. This policy can be modified anytime, so anybody who browses our webpage(s) at www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com is invited to read them regularly.
This website is accessible anytime to users. Technical maintenances may be done by the webmaster who will inform users about them beforehand.
www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com is regularly uptaded by the team of SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN. Legal notices can also be modified anytime: users are invited to take note of them as often as possible.


www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com aims to give information about all the activities done by the company.
SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN will provide on www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com precised information. Nevertheless, the company cannot be responsible of any missing or wrong information. The company cannot be responsible of the lack regarding the update of the website, due to the company itself or to any third party.
All information found on www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com are given on an indicative basis, and may change. Also, the information on www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com is non-exhaustive and subject to modifications.


www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com cannot be responsible of the material damage linked with the use of the website. Also, anybody who broses the website commits to use recent computers, phone, tablet… which are not infected by any virus, and to use an updated browser.


SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN is the owner of the intellectual property or the copyrights on all the elements on the website, such as the texts and the pictures, the logos, the icons, the sounds, the softwares.
Any reproduction, representation, modification, publishing, adaptation of all or part of the website is forbiden in any case, except is you have a written authorization by the company.
Any non authorized use of any lements of the website can be considered as a counterfeit. Considering the L.335-2 article and the Code de Propriété Intellectuelle, the company will attempt judicial proceedings.


SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN cannot be responsible of the material damage linked with the use of the website, being a result of the use of a product not fitting the specifications listed on the 4th section, or being the result of a bug or an incompatibility.
SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN cannot be responsible of the indirect damages (for example a lose regarding a business deal or an opportunity) following the use of the website.
Users may use the interactive areas (possibility to ask questions in the contact section). SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN has the right to remove, without noticing it, all information from those areas which would not fit to the French laws, especially regarding the personal data. SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN has the right to blame any civil and criminal liability of users, especially regarding racist, insulting, slanderous or pornographic messages, whatever the way is used (text, picture…).


We are transparent when it comes to our actions and their legal framework. The responsible party of the data processing is la SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN.
SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN has nominated a responsible who you can contact at: contact@soutard.com
Personal datas are collected through the contact form you can complete available on www.chateaupetitfauriedesoutard.com.
Datas are sent to SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN.
Collected datas aim to answer and discuss about ont pour but de répondre et d’échanger on the GDPR appliance. They will be used for promotional offers, regarding the company SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN. Datas are collected in strict accordance with the article 6, paragraph 1, section a of the Règlement Général à la Protection des Données RGPD (GDPR). The owner of the datas allows them to be collected and processed by a responsible of the data processing.
Personal data collection is not compulsory regarding the access of the website. Nevertheless it is compulsory when the user wants to receive offers and information SCE VIGNOBLES ABERLEN. Without it, the company will not have the possibility to send offers and information.
Collected information/data are not linked by any contract. Those information are kept for a period of time of 3 years maximum since the last contact initiated by the user.
The user has rights regarding the data protection.